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Dazebox C

Dazebox C offers everything needed for charging electric vehicles in private and shared environments. Available in single-phase (7.4kW) and three-phase (22kW) versions and equipped with an integrated cable, Dazebox C allows automatic load balancing thanks to the installation of the Dynamic Power Manager module. It is easily controlled by app allowing user management and consumption monitoring thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Solar Boost function allows integration with your own photovoltaic system. Also available with RFID reader for user recognition using the appropriate cards.

Choose cable length and charging phase

For most domestic installations, the single-phase version is chosen, which is perfect for overnight charging. If you have a faster line available, however, we recommend the three-phase version.


5 meters



RFID Identification



Want smart energy management?

We believe that home charging should not be a problem for anyone, even those with limited energy availability. That is why we designed Dynamic Power Management (DPM), which is available for both the single-phase and three-phase versions of the DazeBox. This system controls the energy consumption of the household and allows the vehicle to be charged at maximum speed without exceeding power limits.

Would you like to install the Dazebox on our totem pole?

If you cannot install Dazeboxes on the wall, we recommend this stand! Each totem can accommodate up to two dazeboxes, one on each side.

Complete your Daze experience

Choose one of the available extra accessories

10 RFID Cards Dazebox C

RFID cards enable user recognition and authorisation for charging on all Daze chargers that integrate the RFID reader function. Any user in possession of a card can place it directly on the associated charging station to enable charging. RFID cards are a solution designed for all shared charging environments where access to charging functions must be restricted to a limited number of recurring users.


Do you already know who will install your Dazebox?

If you do not have a trusted installer, allow us to ask you a couple of questions to send an electrician to make an inspection directly to where you want to install Dazebox.

Dazebox installation

By filling in these data you will not buy Dazebox directly from our site, but we will put you in contact with one of our specialized installers who will provide both the product and the installation. If you prefer to buy Dazebox now, go back one step and click on "Yes, proceed with the purchase". Otherwise fill in the fields below to be put in contact with the installer.


Price may be subject to change at the time of installation.

In what type of building will it be installed?


Price may be subject to change at the time of installation.

What floor is your parking on?

The installations vary a lot according to the position of the wallbox. If you have a private car park on the ground floor, indicate it with 0, otherwise select the floor on which your garage or parking space is located.

What floor is your meter on?

Very often garages have a meter on the floor, otherwise it will be necessary to bring the cables from the meter to the parking floor. Tell us which floor your meter is on.

What is the horizontal distance between the meter and the parking space?

This data will be measured by the installer during the inspection, but try to indicate a distance so we can give you a more precise idea of the cost of your installation.

We have the solution for you!

Below you will find the recommended package for your installation. We remind you that it is an estimate and the realistic evaluation will be made during the inspection.
Click on "Send" to submit your request and we will put you in touch with a contact person as soon as possible.

Installation Package - Mono Small

Fino a 10 metri


Installation Package - Mono Medium

fino a 20 metri


Installation Package - Mono Large

fino a 45 metri


Installation Package - Mono Extra Large

oltre i 45 metri La tua installazione risulta essere più complessa del previsto, abbiamo bisogno di effettuare un sopralluogo per valutare fattibilità e prezzo.


Installation Package - Tri Small

Fino a 10 metri


Installation Package - Tri Medium

fino a 20 metri


Installation Package - Tri Large

fino a 45 metri


Installation Package - Tri Extra Large

oltre i 45 metri La tua installazione risulta essere più complessa del previsto, abbiamo bisogno di effettuare un sopralluogo per valutare fattibilità e prezzo.

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